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Product visualization. France, Lyon

Furniture 3d modeling for Rendez Vouz Deco

modelowanie 3d mebli detal
modelowanie 3d mebli

See our furniture visualizations. Did you know that we often spend more time visualizing a single chair than the entire interior? Sounds unbelievable, but it's true. Cooperation with companies such as Rendez Vous Deco is not easy, and to put it simply, it is difficult and demanding. That doesn't mean we don't like it :) All this is due to attention to detail. The 3D model of the product must accurately reflect its physical counterpart. Every detail matters, all proportions, shapes of relationships. However, the topic does not end there. In addition to the fact that the product visualization must be based on the correct 3d model, it must have something else. Because realistic does not always mean beautiful and interesting. An interesting 3D solid must be shown from the right perspective to emphasize its advantages. Beautiful leather elements need to be properly lit to make them look pleasant and solid. The structure of beautiful varnished wood is also worth emphasizing with the use of appropriate treatments. All this work in the end results in visualizations of the product that is beautiful and eye-catching. A product that will convince many buyers. At the same time, care for the compatibility of the visualization with its physical counterpart will reduce the number of complaints.

rendering 3d krzesła

3d visualization of cupboard made from steel, glass and wood

wizualizacja 3d komody

Visualization of table with concrete top and wooden base

wizualizacje 3d stołu

Visualization of interior decorative elements

wizualizacje 3d wazonu
wizualizacje 3d misy drewnianej

Furniture packshots 

packshoty mebli
packshoty mebli velvet
packshoty mebli krzesło rattan

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