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360 degree product -  rotated images

The second, although seemingly similar solution, are rotating 360 photos. The difference is that the browser displays ready-made visualizations, not a 3d model, as is the case with a gltf-based solution. Write to us, we will help you choose the right technique for your products.


rotated product - 3d model rendered in the browser

This is one of the future solutions we offer. It consists in creating a 3d model that can be rendered by the browser via the WebGl interface. This technique offers great possibilities. Just grab the presented item, turn it around and see every detail. Change the material, open the door to look inside, and much more.


Product visualization


Autodesk 3ds Max is a tool that gives us the opportunity to create anything that arises in our imagination. An interesting idea, giving a lot of possibilities and benefits, is to create a virtual photo studio in the program. Thanks to it, we can visualize products of various things in 3D.


Product visualization is the basis of an online store


A large part of the product visualizations we make is intended for sale in online stores. Products found at auctions, on websites such as Allegro or Amazon, are most often generated in 3D graphics programs. Sometimes these are photos, but 3D studio rendering, known as product visualization, gives many more possibilities, such as making changes to the product while visualization is being performed. A common configuration used in online sales is a combination of 2 types of shots. The first one is the visualization of products in a virtual photo studio. We usually take several studio shots to present the product from all sides.


Product visualizations are not just studio renders


The presentation of the product, made in a virtual photo studio, is complemented by the second type of shot, i.e. the visualization of the product in its natural surroundings. Such a render has a significant impact on sales. It is more natural and allows you to more accurately determine the dimensions of the product and the possibilities of its use in everyday life. Research shows that customers are more likely to buy products presented in this way.

Fotorealistyczna wizualizacja studyjna przekroju domu

Product visualization price:

A customer has 10 different desks on offer. He needs a visualization of this furniture for his online store. Each of these desks is available in 4 sizes and 4 color versions, which gives 160 visualizations. Another has built an engine and also wants to present it in the form of a studio visualization. One picture is enough for him. Making a 3d engine model will be much more complicated than a desk that will be duplicated with minor changes. We price each project individually, thanks to which our offer is always optimal.

Furniture manufacturers usually offer hundreds or thousands of different models. Many of them differ only in size or color. It's hard to imagine the amount of work needed to bring each of them to the photo studio, not to mention the production. Fortunately, there is a 3D studio visualization. Thanks to the capabilities of the Autodesk 3ds max program, this process can be automated, which will reduce costs and speed up the appearance of furniture in an online store or catalog, and as a result, a faster start of sales.

Furniture 3d visualization


Rendering studyjny 3d bryly biurka na potrzeby sprzedazy w sklepie internetowym

Currently, in some industries it has become almost a standard to share 3D solids of the products offered. They are very useful for designers as well as end customers. 3d models made in .obj or .3ds format can be used in virtually any arrangement program. More and more often on websites you can find a browser of 3d solids. This interesting functionality allows you to see the offered item from every side. 3D models are more and more widely used and are slowly becoming commonplace, which is why the demand for their creation is growing. In addition, we offer interactive models in the .gltf extension. This type of 3d model can be rendered in real time directly in a web browser, without additional programs.

3d modeling


Model 3d bryly lampy 3ds max
wizualizacje produktów podstawą sklepu internetowego