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3D visualizations of buildings


Working on an interesting 3D visualization of the building with its surroundings is a great experience, although it requires great concentration and an aesthetic sense. Although many elements, both of the building itself and the space around it, are defined by the architect in the CAD design, a large part belongs to our imagination. It is our task to create a unique atmosphere, an interesting atmosphere, an interesting and at the same time eloquent shot. Whenever possible, we try to add a human element to the simple visualization of the building, a detail that reminds of who the investment is intended for, something that will bring a bit of life to the image. They can simply be people captured in one moment of their everyday life, they will add naturalness to the visualization, and help determine the size of the building in relation to the human. Everyday objects included in the visualization will also make it more attractive.  

Wizualizacje 3d budynków Leśna 01

Building visualization price:

Visualization of a building is quite a broad issue. There are many elements that make a good rendering. Of course, we love such orders where the final effect is to be disarming, where the 3d model is to be as detailed as possible, and the composition, which is made up of harmonizing shapes and the play of colors and light, is to attract attention. But of course our clients' needs are different. Sometimes a designer needs a very simple visualization in order to more or less see what the building will look like. In such cases, we can spend up to 10 times less time to achieve the desired effect. On our website, we present a general price list for 3d visualization, which specifies the costs quite precisely. Nevertheless, we make a valuation individually for each project, based on the materials you send to us and information about your needs.

Tak jak w przypadku innych typów wizualizacji 3d, tak i tutaj możliwości zastosowania naszych renderingów są różne. Przykładem może być wizualizacja 3d dołączona do projektu domu, tak żeby potencjalny klient mógł od razu zobaczyć jak będzie wyglądał po zbudowaniu na podstawie danego planu.

W takim przypadku liczy się, by dom dobrze się prezentował, otoczenie musi dobrze współgrać ale zazwyczaj nie jest dokładnie określone przez zleceniodawcę. Innym przykładem jest wizualizacja 3d domu zaprojektowanego dla konkretnej osoby, w konkretnym miejscu. W takim przypadku skupiamy się na wielu aspektach. Po pierwsze trzeba zrobić dobrą wizualizację 3d elewacji i dokładny model 3d całego budynku. Dodatkowo wizualizacja musi przedstawiać także otoczenie zgodne ze stanem faktycznym. Musi uwzględniać sąsiednie zabudowania, drogi, a także roślinność występującą w tym rejonie. Czasami nawet jest potrzeba wykonania oddzielnej wizualizacji 3d ogrodu.

3D house visualizations


wizualizacje domów 3d

In the case of housing estate visualization, the situation is similar. Like all building visualizations, it requires a 3D model, but on a larger scale than, for example, single-family houses. First, we need to build a 3D model of a block of flats. Then visualization of the entire surroundings, infrastructure, recreation zone, playground, sports field and any other objects that may be located in the neighborhood of the estate. It's a lengthy process. Typically, a housing estate consists of many similar but different buildings. Natural-looking architectural visualizations cannot present a row of identical buildings. There must be even small details that, seemingly invisible at first glance, make a difference and make the architectural visualization photorealistic. Aerial shots are often useful. 3D visualizations made from such a perspective have one great advantage - you can show almost the entire investment, the arrangement of buildings and other elements of the entire project in one image.

Visualization of the housing estate


wizualizacja osiedla

Visualization of the hotel


In the case of commercial facilities such as hotels, apartment buildings or office buildings, we usually create 3D visualizations for advertising purposes. The shots are supposed to catch the eye and present the object in the best possible way. Typically, building visualizations are created long before they are actually built. And this is a huge advantage, 3D graphics gives great opportunities to investors. One of the problems they may encounter when they want to sell their real estate is the lengthy process of acquiring customers. Fortunately, it can be started at the very beginning, long before construction starts. Thanks to the fact that you have photorealistic architectural visualizations, you can start all marketing activities. And it pays off, every investor knows that. Or maybe you want to see how the new hotel will look in the existing surroundings? Take photos, send them to us and we will make visualizations of the hotel integrated into the accurately reproduced surroundings. This will help to assess whether the whole is consistent and will allow you to improve something in the final appearance of the building at the last moment.

Wizualizacja hotelu w Nowym Jorku