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In addition to the camera tour, we also create animations of 3D objects. An example may be a film presenting the possibilities of furniture systems. In the first stage, we make a 3D model of the cabinet with a guide and a drawer. Then we make 3D animations that show how it works. Creating 3D animation is a very complex process. There are 30 frames for every second of animation. It is easy to calculate that 1800 of them are needed per minute. Therefore, making a photorealistic 3D animation requires huge computing power. Professional workstations are needed to generate such a number of renders.

3D animation of objects

Our tools for creating 3D graphics give us great opportunities. Once we make the object in 3D, in addition to giving realistic materials and textures, we can set our 3D models in motion and also animate the camera. In the case of architectural projects, a more common type of 3D animation is a camera flyover. The 3D animation, which lasts an average of one minute, in which the virtual camera moves around the entire architectural object, will present individual rooms and make you see much more than in single static shots.

3d animation program

Is 3D visualization not enough? Let's add the 4th dimension - movement, it will be more interesting.

3d animation