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Aprtment 3d visualization

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LightVision Studio 3d visualization
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Wizualizacja mieszkania w 3d wykonanana w programie 3ds max oraz corona renderer przez LightVision studio

After visualization of individual rooms, we often create additional visualizations of the apartment as a whole. For example, in the form of 3D animation. The flyover of the camera will accurately show the entire 3d apartment. Another interesting solution is 360 panoramas. You can combine them into a whole, creating a virtual walk around the apartment, straight from google street. The visualization of the apartment can also be realized in the form of a 3D plan. Regardless of the type of presentation, the basis for all activities is the accurate 3D model of the entire apartment.

3D apartment visualization in various forms

Usually, the designer divides the apartment into separate rooms and successively designs one after the other. In the meantime, he gives us more interiors for which we are to make 3D visualizations. Sometimes it happens that different styles prevail in different rooms and sometimes everything is consistent. It depends on the customer's preferences. Sometimes the designer does not quite meet the client's taste with his proposal. Then we make changes to our 3d apartment design. It happens that after several series of such corrections we have to present 2 completely different apartments.

Visualization of the apartment in several stages

We receive various orders. Sometimes you need to visualize one room, sometimes we create the whole apartment in 3D. Sometimes it is designed down to the smallest detail. Sometimes we have to add something. Either way, the goal is to create a photorealistic 3D visualization. Interesting and eye-catching, as well as showing the most important functionalities of the designed apartment.