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Architectural visualizations - a lot of 3D objects.


Virtual space, arranged to best present the house in 3D, is often a great challenge for even the highest-class workstation. All photorealistic architectural visualizations cannot do without 3D models with a high level of detail. Plants are one of the more complex objects. It is hard to imagine how many individual leaves each of the bushes in our 3D visualizations consists of, not to mention the lawn. Without proper order in the structure of the virtual scenery, as well as without the appropriate class of workstation, the whole project could end in disaster.

Estate 3d visualization

Łańcut, Księże Górki


Office 3d visualization

Apartment 3d visualization

Poznań, Niemena

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LightVision Studio 3d visualization
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Fotorealistyczna wizualizacja domu pasywnego w lesie. LightVision Studio

Architectural visualization of passive houses

Collection of photoreal 3d visualization of prefab houses.

How to achieve diversity in 3d visualization?


In the case of such projects, where there are dozens of architectural visualizations to be done, similar buildings are tempted to mass production. We put a lot of time to achieve an interesting mood, good lighting, interesting composition and colors, starting work on the first visualization. And then a thought appears - what would happen if the building itself was replaced, the shot slightly changed? None of this, such a shortcut will not bring anything good. Of course, it is worth repeating some well-thought-out and proven elements, but each architectural visualization must have its own unique style, and this is what we strived for throughout the entire creative process.    

Architectural 3D visualizations of ready-made passive houses


We want to present part of the whole range of photorealistic 3D visualizations of wonderful passive houses that we have made. Our client already had visualizations of these houses, but their quality was not satisfactory. Therefore, the new architectural visualizations were to be characterized by a very high level of realism. I am glad that we have been trusted in this difficult project, and that we have managed to create interesting and varied compositions.   

Fotorealistyczna wizualizacja architektoniczna 3d w otoczeniu przyrody w naturalnym oświetleniu dziennym. LightVision Studio
Fotorealistyczna wizualizacja 3d domu pasywnego w otoczeniu zieleni. LightVision Studio
Wizualizacja 3d przedstawia dom pasywny w naturalnym otoczeniu. LightVision Studio
Wysokiej jakości wizualizacja 3d prezentujaca dom pasywny. LightVision Studio
Fotorealistyczna wizualizacja architektoniczna 3d przedstawia dom pasywny
Fotorealistyczna wizualizacja 3d domu pasywnego Lykkehus w oświetleniu dziennym. LightVision Studio
Wieczorna wizualizacja 3d domu pasywnego. LightVision Studio