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A modern and increasingly popular form of projects. Often, as a supplement to photorealistic 3d visualizations, we make a three-dimensional building plan for our clients - in short, a 3d project. 3D projects perfectly present the functional layout of the investment. Definitely better than a regular cad plan as well as a shot in perspective. We recommend complementing your presentations with 3D projects. When we have created the body of the entire object in the 3ds max program, we can create a 3d project, which does not require a lot of work and can significantly increase the quality of the object's presentation and make the offer clear and legible, which will translate into greater interest and greater awareness of customers, thanks to which will save you time due to fewer unnecessary questions. Most of them will be answered by a well-made 3D project, which can be supplemented with descriptions. Such as the area of the room, the types of technologies used or the dimensions of the furniture.

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3d graphic design and 3d modeling

It all starts with 3d modeling. The basic skill of every 3D graphic designer is spatial modeling. This is the first stage of each project. Although making an accurate 3d model with all details often requires a lot of time and patience, it is definitely worth paying all your attention to making a 3d solid as accurately as possible. In the end, the detail of 3d solids is of fundamental importance. 3d modeling is one of the most difficult skills in the entire process of creating photorealistic 3d visualizations. It requires spatial imagination, a sense of proportion and the ability to maintain the correct topology in the construction of a 3D mesh. To make a 3D model look realistic, materials and textures must be applied to it. And this is another very important step. Well-made materials can perfectly reproduce the texture and the desired color of the object. Only a high-quality 3D model combined with a properly made material gives a photorealistic effect.

People want to see something new, something that will stand out from the mass of images that flood us on the Internet. At the same time, something that is completely different can be perceived as strange, or even ridiculous and ridiculous. To avoid this, the 3d visualizer needs to find a happy medium. 3D graphics is a profession that forces us 3D graphic designers to balance between art and reliable product description in a simple and ordinary way. Our everyday life is 3D visualizations of architectural designs or 3D visualizations of products. Our clients usually want the presented object to look as beautiful as possible, and additionally focus the human eye for more than a few seconds. And although after a few years you can notice certain patterns, the lion's share of projects that we come to create surprises us many times during the creative process, and this makes our work interesting and means that we are never bored.

The possibilities offered by modern tools such as Autodesk 3ds max are so wide that only our imagination is the limit. Therefore, it is difficult to maintain a balance between the prevailing trends and the futuristic visions of the creator of 3D graphics.